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Welcome to LAN Of The Damned

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LAN Of The Damned run regular not-for-profit events located in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. These events focus on multiplayer computer gaming over a LAN (Local Area Network), and are held twice a year. Each event includes several tournaments with prizes, cheap pizza orders for gaming stamina, McDonald's for breakfast, and of course plenty of action in the latest games as well as some old favourites. If you're new to the gaming LAN scene or don't know what to expect, take a look at our newbie guide for a run down on LAN preparation, or jump into our forums and talk to some of the LANing veterans there. Of course we also have photos from all our past events to amuse and inform.

Next Event

Title: LAN Of The Damned XXXVIII

Date: May 12th & 13th 2018

Venue: Brauer College Theatre

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LAN Of The Damned XXXVI - The Aftermath

Posted 13 April 2017, 8:14 PM

Another great LAN over & done.
The turnout wasn't as good as previous events, but we still all had a great time and gave away some of the best prizes we've had in LANOTD history.
Thanks to all the guys who came and gave us a hand during set-up, it would have taken us ages to shift all those tables and chairs on our own. A special shout-out to Johnny Ward for the long hours he spent on those pesky switches.
The ASUS Unreal Tournament 2004 tourney was awesome gun blazing, mad jumping fun. With a sweet MG279 27" gaming monitor up for grabs from SteelSeries as well as some vouchers for PLE Computers. I do have to wonder though if Badgers new screen played some part in their win…
Later it was time to take a stroll into nostalgia with the MOHAA: Spearhead old school tournament. Players spammed, camped and grenaded their way through 3 classic maps vying for the Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard provided by Phoenix IT. There were cries of angst aplenty and more bullets expended than at a Texan wedding when Shamfknwow raised aloft his arms in victory…or got out of his chair at least.
Aside from the tournaments we also held 3 novelty competitions to keep the blood pumping. You may think it cruel to make people scull custard and then get wheelbarrow-raced across a sporting field, but we like to think of it as character building. A few competitors may have eaten some grass along the way, but it's bound to be good for them….cows live on the stuff after all. The winning pair got Republic of Gamers Gladius mice thanks to ASUS.
We also gave the gamers a chance at a rematch against our admins in another basketball competition. They looked stunning in their sweaty onsies, which I assume they plan on burning. I had to wonder if they were losing their touch though when two young girls who were about 5 feet tall managed to get by them and score. After some not-so-spectacular exhibitions of athleticism, and a final free-throw shoot out, a winner emerged. He received a go-kart voucher from Warrnambool Fun Centre.
Finally we had possibly the most entertaining competition we've ever run……the dance off! Competitors pranced, cart-wheeled & wormed as they attempted to eliminate their competitors through feats of grace and co-ordination….as well as head-spins and the six-step. After much applause (and laughter) the final exhausted LANer received a Republic of Gamers Strix wireless gaming headset from ASUS.
Lastly we had the prize raffle with a record number of tickets being sold as people tried to increase their chances of winning the awesome BattleBull gaming chair provided by PLE Computers. The admin team had hand-cramps by the time ticket sales closed.
We all knew the chair was going to go on the first ticket drawn, but we didn't expect 2 people to jump up and try to claim the ticket. It turns out one disappointed LANer needs to learn his ABCs better, I think I saw a tear in his eye when he realised. Interestingly the next ticket drawn actually was his, just to rub salt in the wound. Other great prizes included two $75 vouchers from PLE Computers, some Star Wars Chubbies from Real Deal Memorabilia, a micro-drone from Multicomm IT, Splat Zone paintball vouchers from Warrnambool Fun Centre, a Republic of Gamers Zulcan Pro gaming headset from ASUS, and a keyboard bag from SteelSeries. We also scrounged up a Western Digital 120GB SSD, 8GB DDR4 RAM, some $50 Steam vouchers, a razer gaming keyboard, and some Pop Vinyls.
All in all it was a great event. We even had one guy spend his 18th birthday at the event, which he may have regretted when we had everyone in attendance sing happy birthday to him ;)

Thanks also goes out to Pinkys Pizza for the discounted tucker, Mittoni for providing some water-cooling gear, South West TAFE for their aid in covering expenses, and of course Aussie Broadband for the internet connection that is a necessity of modern gaming events.

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LAN Of The Damned XXXVI

Posted 05 February 2017, 7:44 PM

LAN Of The Damned XXXVI will be held on April 8th & 9th in the Brauer College Theatre. Entry to the event is $25. All gigabit, all the time!

Tournaments for the event are going to be:
The ASUS Counter Strike: Global Offensive 5v5 Tournament
FFA - Unreal Tournament 2004
Old School - Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

We'll be allowing seat booking at this event. Once confirmations open, anyone who has confirmed their registration can use the Book Seat button and our seating map to reserve a specific seat.

Registration is now open on our Events page.


There's some great sponsors supporting us for the event:
Republic of Gamers will be providing some sweet, sweet prizes for the event.
Mittoni have provided some water cooling gear for us to give away at the LAN.
Phoenix IT has a gaming keyboard for the prize pool.
Aussie Broadband will be providing internet for the event.
Multicomm IT will have some cool gear for us as always.
Pinkys Pizza will be providing discounted large pizzas with free delivery.
PLE Computers have got some gear for us to give away.
South West TAFE have provided funding for the event to promote their Certificate III in Information, Digital Media & Technology.
Real Deal Memorabilia have dug into their treasure trove of geek gear for us.
Warrnambool Fun Centre have supplied vouchers for free sessions on their go-karts and paintball.
Steel Series are providing some gaming mice to add to the prize pool.

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LAN Of The Damned XXXV - The Aftermath

Posted 24 September 2016, 10:54 AM

Another great LAN over and done with. We had a pretty good turn-out, and even had an impromptu visit by a journalist from The Standard newspaper.
Thanks to our generous sponsors there was an awesome prize pool. A heap of attendees took home some new gaming peripherals from tournaments, competitions and our ever popular raffle.

Our first novelty competition involved pairs of LANers flexing their athletic muscles on the basketball court against LANOTD admins Kasheem and SomeBreedOfDonkey. Competitors who managed to sink a basket before our admins went through to a free-throw shootout for a Siberia headset from Steel Series. As it turns out computer gamers aren't all that great at basketball, and despite our admins being hampered by onesies the competition took quite a while. In the end the victor emerged, also wearing a onesie as it turns out. Perhaps there's some undiscovered correlation between onesies and basketball ability. I wonder if the NBA has ever experimented with this….
We had something pretty interesting planned for our second novelty competition, until it started pouring rain. Instead we had a huge game of….DODGEBALL! Over 30 LANers lined up to dodge, duck, dip, dive and……dodge. We discovered gamers aren't the most aggressive dodgeballers with competitiors spending more time hiding at the back of the court than actually attempting to knock out their opponents lol. After some pretty entertaining acrobatics the field was finally narrowed down to our fleet footed victor, who took home a Siberia headset from Steel Series.

We had some great tournaments thanks to the huge prize pool provided by ASUS. First up was the hack'n'slash mayhem of the ASUS Chivalry Tournament. We held a single round with all entrants in the one map. With the large number of entrants we got, it quickly became pretty chaotic with swirling melees erupting in all directions. Congratulations to Mr Bluey for his victory and receipt of a shiny trophy and a Cerberus headset from ASUS.
The greatly awaited ASUS Overwatch Tournament ran smoothly on the new internet setup thanks to the efforts of our admin Kasheem. Entrants were keen to show their skills, including a team of guys who'd only logged about an hour of game time. Eventually one team came out as the clear winners, Gentlemen in Kayaks. They received shiny medals and Cerberus keyboards and mice from ASUS.
The ASUS Call Of Duty 2 Tournament also proved popular with plenty of people entering. After an exciting match where competitors battled through a hail of bullets and were met with grenades around every corner, our winner emerged victorious. Congratulations to White Shadow for coming out on top. He received the coveted shiny trophy and a Cerberus headset thanks to ASUS.

Another interesting development was the unexpected appearance of NeoKarn with his Vive VR gear. I think over the course of the event almost everyone had the opportunity to try it out, which was for most of us our first encounter with VR gaming. It was awesome fun to play, and probably almost as entertaining to watch. Boy were my arms tired though.

Shortly after our last event the local gaming community lost a long standing member, Simon "Dougie" Hawkins. He was known to most of us, either from his many years of attending our events, or through his many friendships outside the LAN scene. His family asked if we could do something in his memory, so we invited everyone in attendance to join in one of his favourite games. After a short speech from one of his best mates, Dingo, we piled into a game of Unreal Tournament GOTY for some good old fashioned fragging that I'm sure Dougie would have enjoyed. RIP buddy.

Aside from heaps of gaming, socialising, and random give-aways, we also had our highly anticipated prize raffle. There was plenty of great stuff up for grabs such as Cerberus headsets from ASUS, Batman and Game of Thrones t-shirts from Real Deal Memorabilia, a Razor Blackwidow keyboard from Phoenix IT, a Z-Curve Bow and remote control go-cart from Multicomm IT, and a Roccat Kone XTD mouse from Harvey Norman. Steel Series also provided a Stratus XL game pad, some gaming mousemats, Siberia headsets, and a 6G V2 keyboard for the prize pool.

Thanks also to Aussie Broadband for providing internet for the event, and Pinky's Pizza for the discounted pizza menu and free delivery.

Thanks everyone for coming. Photos from the event should be up on our site soon.

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LAN Of The Damned XXXV

Posted 07 August 2016, 12:25 PM

LAN Of The Damned XXXV will be held on September 3rd & 4th in the Brauer College Auditorium. Entry to the event is $25. All gigabit, all the time!
The main tournaments for the event will be decided with the aid of community feedback in the form of a poll on our Facebook page.
We'll be allowing seat booking at this event. Once confirmations open, anyone who has confirmed their registration can reserve a specific seat.
Registration is currently open on our events page.

Sponsors for the event include: ASUS, Pinky's Pizza, Aussie Broadband, Harvey Norman, Phoenix IT, Real Deal Memorabilia, PLE Computers & Multicomm IT

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LAN Of The Damned XXXIV - The Aftermath

Posted 07 May 2016, 5:10 PM

Our first LAN at the new venue and aside from a couple of hitches it went very well. We increased our capacity to 70 for this event and weren't disappointed with the turnout, including about 15 people who drove down from Melbourne. Thanks for making the trip guys. We tried out some new things at the new venue, some of which were awesome, some need a bit of work. Next time the event will be even awesomer ;)

The ASUS Rocket League tournament was awesome with 8 teams entering, the admin crew actually won a game 4-0 despite never having played before. After a very exciting competition and some close games, Scrub Squad emerged victorious. They received STRIX TACTIC PRO keyboards from ASUS and shiny medals. Although it was unfortunately delayed due to bandwidth problems, we got there in the end with some help from the LAN-Slide guys. Good show lads. We apologise for the delay and thank you for your patience. We've got plans in the works for future events to ensure these issues won't re-occur.
Entries for the ASUS Chivalry tournament were also high, but then who doesn't love wildly hacking at people with a sword. The tournament produced the usual cacophony of cursing and shouting, which I take as a sign people were enjoying themselves. In the end it was ElectricOven who slaughtered his way to victory. He received a GTX960 graphics card from ASUS and a shiny trophy.

We then traveled back in time to relive our glory days with the ASUS Unreal Tournament tournament. While some of us may have lost our edge over the years, competition was still fierce. Ending with a Last Man Standing mode final that came right down to the wire, the final man alive was Badger. He took home a STRIX DSP headset thanks to ASUS and a shiny trophy.

Once again we held a couple of novelty competitions. Ten people took part in the physically grueling milk scull & run. A litre of milk to chug, 40 star-jumps, and a bunch of running showed who's stomach contained the most iron, who's legs the most speed, and who had the most entertaining star-jump technique. Although the latter title was taken by Nuke, unfortunately he didn't win the competition. The actual winner took home an Ideazon Reaper Edge mouse for his efforts thanks to Mittoni.

When offered the opportunity to get their own back on the event admins, twenty or thirty people stepped up for a go. With SomeBreedOfDonkey and Kasheem wearing some rather fetching onsies and standing up against the wall like a couple of suspects at a police raid, contestants lined up to try and send a soccer ball ploughing into the defenseless pair. Luckily for them the majority proved to be rather poor shots with a soccer ball and only about 10 scored hits. The finalists got 3 shots at the pair now dancing back and forth like targets in a shooting gallery. Congrats to the winner who scored some strong hits and was called Mexico by his friends….in an affectionate way I'm sure and not at all due to any racial stereotyping. He also received an Ideazon Reaper Edge mouse.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors we not only had some great prizes for the tournaments and competitions, but also an awesome prize pool for the raffle. Prizes included an MVP Carbon headset from Harvey Norman; some large gaming mouse mats, a Republic of Gamers over-clocking controller, some TP-Link PCI wireless cards, Logitech Ultimate Ears, an AStone TV Pro media player, and $50 gift cards from PLE Computers; a pretty sweet Street Kickers remote control car from Multicomm; some Pop Vinyls from Real Deal Memorabilia; STRIX CLAW gaming mice from ASUS; a Logitec G910 Orion Spark keyboard from Phoenix IT. We also kicked in a Seagate 2 TB HDD and a Kingston 120 GB SSD along with a can of Pedigree dog food donated by LAN-Slide. Not sure what point they were trying to make there.

Thanks also to Aussie Broadband for providing internet for the event and to Pinky's Pizza for the discounted pizza menu and free delivery to give us the strength to carry on through the event.

We'll get photos from the event up on our website soon.

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LAN Of The Damned XXXIV

Posted 22 February 2016, 8:21 PM

It's finally happening again! LAN Of The Damned XXXIV is being held on April 23rd & 24th with entry set at $25. All gigabit, all the time!
We'll be holding the event at a new venue this time, the Brauer College Auditorium.
As usual the main tournaments will be chosen with the aid of community feedback, so be sure to vote on the poll on our Facebook page.
Event registration is now open on our events page.

Event Sponsors: ASUS, Mittoni, Aussie Broadband, Phoenix IT, Re-Logic Games, Steel Series, PLE Computers, Multicomm IT, Harvey Norman & Real Deal Memorabilia

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LAN Of The Damned XXXIII - The Aftermath

Posted 26 October 2015, 8:44 PM

Another LAN finished and it certainly was a great event! Attendance was so good we filled up and had to lay out some extra tables to meet the demand. Entries for all the tournaments were high, and it looked like everyone had a great time.
We'd like to thank all the out-of-towners for coming down to our little event. The boys from LAN-Slide were back, and they even brought some friends with them. Slenderman also came all the way from Melbourne, and we even had a couple from Queensland in attendance. I hope you all found it worth the trip.

We had plenty of activities on the go at the event. The icecream scoffing competition drew quite a bit of interest and resulted in sore heads and stickiness as some of the entrants plowed into it with their hands. One of them decided he may as well keep eating it after the comp ended lol. Congrats to the gluttonous winner who received a pack of Sims 4 mouse, headset and mouse mat from Steel Series.
Even more popular was pummeling onesie clad admins with water balloons. There was quite a line up for this competition as Kasheem and Donkey taunted the competitors with dancing and provocative butt-wiggling. Despite competitors reinforcing the idea that nerds can't throw, Whiteshadow emerged as the winner with 4/5 balloons scoring hits. He received a Kinzu Pro Edition mouse thanks to Steel Series. With extra balloons left over it soon became a water balloon barrage as LANers scrambled to launch the remaining ammunition at the pair.
As usual Rock Band and Guitar Hero on the big projector were popular with the masses. We also had Shaun from Harvey Norman bring along a full driving rig and a copy of Forza 6 for people to try out. Naturally this got a heap of attention.

The Chivalry tournament was awesome fun with almost 30 entrants hacking apart opponents or leaving them bristling with arrows. Congratulations to Electric Oven for his win. He was the lucky recipient of a Logitech G910 gaming keyboard thanks to Phoenix IT.
We had 8 teams enter the CS:GO tournament and some nail-bitingly close matches. Unfortunately ours wasn't one of those and we got our butts kicked in the first round. The final was a cracker to watch and gave us a demonstration of how real CS players do business and why we lost so horribly lol. Congratulations to Inhuman for their win and receipt of some awesome 9H gaming headsets from Steel Series.
The HL2:DM tournament also proved popular and the venue was soon echoing with squeals and profanity as players were pummeled with toilets and barrels for 15 minutes. Congratulations to Axol for his win and receipt of a Kinzu Pro Edition gaming mouse from Steel Series.
We also ran a Mario Kart 64 battle mode tournament up on the projector which caused some excitement in the early hours of the morning. Congratulations to the excitable winner who was clearly very happy with his USB arcade controller.

We had a huge prize haul for the raffle and distributed a record number of tickets. Prizes included an OCZ 120GB SSD, 2 Tt eSports Challenger Prime gaming keyboards, 8GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3, a HP printer from Multicomm IT, some Pop Vinyls from Real Deal Memorabilia, a Steel Series gaming mouse mat from Super Billing and a Monster MVP Carbon gaming headset from Harvey Norman. Steel Series also provided a CS:GO RIVAL Fade Limited Edition mouse and 5 Sims 4 gaming packs.
Just to ensure the raffle was REALLY worth entering we threw in not one, but TWO potato & gravies.

Thanks everyone for coming and making it such a successful event. We'll try and get photos up on our website as soon as possible.

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