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LAN Of The Damned XXX - The Aftermath – LAN Of The Damned
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LAN Of The Damned XXX - The Aftermath

Added 09 April 2014, 1:42 PM
Our 30th LAN event was a great success. Thanks everyone for coming along and making it a weekend to remember. We had about 55 people in attendance, which is an awesome turnout. We actually had to setup additional tables to accommodate everyone. Those in attendance managed to munch their way through 35 large Pinky's pizzas, which may be a new record lol. We've also received a lot of positive feedback from the event, which is great to see.

It was good to see so many old faces turn up to take part in our 30th event. We've come a long way in the last twelve years from our humble beginnings in a small room at the Warrnambool Business Centre. In that time we've had four different venues and suffered power outages, last minute server failures and all manner of frustrating difficulties, but the good memories definitely outweigh the bad. Back at the beginning it was just myself and DarkOmen running the events, and although the admin team has changed over the years, DarkOmen was with us for ten years before other commitments made it necessary for him to step down. Together we've dragged our little event along on its shoe-string budget while other LAN events have come and gone, even though there were times when we wondered why we were doing it. I'd like to thank DarkOmen for his help over the years, without which the event wouldn't have survived, let alone flourished as it has. Of course I also appreciate the efforts of our other admins such as The Master, and the current team members Kasheem and DarkTrunks.
During the event DarkOmen actually sprang a surprise speech on us, recalling the years gone by and how we've dragged LANOTD from an idea to the event you see today. He even elicited a round of applause from those in attendance for my efforts over the years. Although I was a little embarrassed by the attention, it was nice to see you guys appreciate the work we've put into this event since its humble beginnings in 2002. Unfortunately when the microphone was suddenly thrust upon me, my speech wasn't so eloquent as the one delivered by DarkOmen, but I trust you all got the idea lol. Cycophil even dragged his disease-ridden corpse down to the venue for the occasion.

Anyway, back to the more mundane stuff.

We had a heap of competitions and tournaments during the event, and gave away a whole bunch of prizes. Congratulations to The Square for once more winning the Team Fortress 2 tournament. I think it was actually their own B team they had to face in the final lol. They received Hyundai gaming mice thanks to Super Billing and Steam codes for Mars War Logs from Focus Home Interactive. Congratulations also to Burnz for winning the Call Of Duty 4 tournament. It was a close competition with multiple lead changes, but he triumphed in the end. He received a Razer Naga gaming mouse thanks to Harvey Norman.
The Warcraft 3 tournament was great fun and also got some of the younger gamers involved. The final came down to me and Eli. Although I won, as an event admin I'm ineligible for prizes so young Eli received a Saphira gaming mouse thanks to Tt eSports.

The benchmarking competition generated a fair bit of interest, though after Scythe registered his score of over 12,000 the other entrants were simply competing for 2nd place. Scythe received a set of Isurus Dub gaming ear-phones from Tt eSports.
Although entries for the costume competition were few, there were some interesting outfits worn. It looked like the guy dressed as an anime girl was going to win for most of the comp, but SomeBreedOfDonkey's Sub-Zero costume won in the end. He got a Pop Vinyl Kerrigan from Starcraft 2 for being the victor.
We didn't have one of Paul's awesome arcade machines this event, just an arcade emulator on a PC. The arcade tournament still pulled a few entries, and was definitely entertaining to watch as entrants battled it out one-on-one in Street Fighter 2. After a very close finish emerged victorious. Since DarkTrunks is an admin the prize of a USB arcade controller went to the number 1 loser, SomeBreedOfDonkey.

The raffle was fun as always with a prize pool that included 10 game codes from Focus Home Interactive, a $250 gym membership from Snap Fitness, a Steelseries Siberia V2 Special Edition USB headset from Phoenix IT, gaming themed t-shirts from Insert Coin Clothing, a smartphone controlled helicopter from Multicomm IT, a photo shoot voucher from Ocean View Photography, a Pop Vinyl Diablo, a Steelseries gaming mouse donated by IcburntNoobs, and a leftover chicken pizza we somehow ended up with lol.

Photos from the event should be up on our website soon. If you took any photos while you were there, feel free to email them to us for inclusion in the photo gallery.

We'd like to thank all our sponsors for their support, without which the event wouldn't be possible and certainly wouldn't have had such a great prize pool. Thanks especially to Aussie Broadband for supplying us with internet for the event.

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