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LAN Of The Damned XXIX - The Aftermath

Added 29 September 2013, 8:30 PM
I hope everyone enjoyed the event, we played a bunch of games, gave away a heap of stuff, and slept very little ;)
The sweet arcade machine built by Paul Hayward got plenty of use, especially by Alex who was extremely determined to win the arcade tournament. Congrats on the win, enjoy the arcade controller :)
Congratulations also to Donkey for winning the benchmarking competition and receiving 8GB of 2133MHz DDR3.

Unfortunately we proved the stereo-typical view that nerds suck at sports, since not one of us was even close to picking the winning margin in the AFL Grand Final lol. The best guess from the group was Peachy who walked away a very happy man with a remote control Holden HRT 2012 from Multicomm IT & Communication Solutions.

After Team Shit dominating the TF2 tournaments at our last couple of events, they were knocked off their throne by The Square. Well done guys, it's always good to see someone different win a tournament. They all got medals and Logitec gaming keyboards thanks to South West TAFE.

Well done also to IcburntNoobs for his victory in the CoD 4 tournament and his receival of the shiny trophy and the Tt eSports Captain Dracco gaming headset.
The Unreal Tournament old-school tournament was taken out by Wilson in an exciting finish. He also received a shiny trophy, and the Tt eSports Saphira gaming mouse.

Of course we gave away plenty of other stuff, the Tt eSports inflatable swords were popular lol. The raffle was fun as always, Donkey quickly jumped on the Star Wars slot-car set from Multicomm, much to the disappointment of other patrons. Other great prizes included a couple of 2TB HDDs from Phoenix It, some Steel Series gaming mice and Logitec 2.1 speakers from Super Billing, a Razor Electra gaming headset from Harvey Norman, and a KFC potato and gravy donated by Donkey lol.

Although everyone seemed to have a great time, I never did get my multiplayer game of Dungeon Keeper :(

Photos from the event are available in our photo gallery.

We'd also like to thank Aussie Broadband for the all important internet connection, without which we couldn't have watched the grand final.

Thanks also goes out to Pinkys Pizza for the discounted tucker ($180 worth was consumed), and to Ocean View Photography and Laser Strike for donating prizes for the event.

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