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LAN Of The Damned XXV - The Aftermath

Added 03 October 2011, 8:49 PM
The LAN went very well, especially considering how low the rego numbers were. Showing the AFL Grand Final on the massive projector screen was a big success and we had heaps of people throw their name in for the comp to predict the results. The winner was Mitch with his prediction of Geelong by 32 points. Molex's arcade setup got quite a lot of attention, particularly from DarkOmen who was reliving his glory days in a variety of fighting games and some strangely violent basketball.
Congratulations to RagnarokSC for winning both the Trackmania Nations Forever tournament and the Starcraft 2 tournament. I did my best to hold him off, constantly flying Command Centers around the map in finest Terran tradition, but his swarm of Stalkers overran me in the end. He also won a Random Gamer prize. Congratulations also to Mr Tall for winning the short but bloody Call Of Duty Black Ops tournament on the Xboxes. I've never seen a winner so stoked with his prize ;)
We finished off the event with a few games of good old Regicide ;)

We'd like to thank Super Billing for their support once more. We'd also like to thank Aussie Broadband for providing an internet connection, without which a modern gaming LAN really isn't possible.
Our thanks also go to Pinky's Pizza and McDonalds for supplying us with discounted food.

Photos from the event are up in our photo gallery.

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