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LAN Of The Damned XXII - The Aftermath

Added 19 April 2010, 6:17 PM
Considering how low registrations were, the event went very well. We actually had more people show up than we had registered. The inclusion of X-Boxes proved popular with quite a few console gamers in attendance.
We did have one slight hiccup with the power due to someone rewiring the fusebox, but all was well in the end.

We'd like to congratulate Wolf for winning the Call Of Duty 4 competition, he received a shiny trophy and 4 gig of DDR3 thanks to Crucial. Congratulations to the LAN Of The Damned team for winning the Unreal Tournament 2004 competition. Interestingly there was only one LAN admin actually on the team. The winners received medals and Unreal Tournament packs thanks to South West TAFE. Wolf was also on the team.

The raffle went well as always with some very nice prizes being handed out including 500 gig HDDs, a Logitech G500 and a Thermaltake Spin Q CPU cooler. Once again Wolf managed to win something. In fact the only prize he missed out on was the random gamer of the hour prize.

Photos from the event are available in our photo gallery

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Edited 23 October 2018
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