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LAN Of The Damned XXI - The Aftermath

Added 21 September 2009, 7:02 PM
Well LAN Of The Damned XXI went very well. I think we had the highest attendance we've ever had. The competitions were good fun, congratulations to Ginga Ninja for winning the UT2004 competition and accumulating yet another trophy and 4gig of DDR2. Congratulations to Team7 for winning the Call Of Duty 4 Promod competition and receiving medals and Thermaltake aluminium mouse pads.

Guitar Hero was popular as it always is and it looked great on The Master's projector, especially with the lights and smoke provided by Skormatix. The pizza from Eagle Boys was popular, we ordered 45 and they made like 3 trips delivering them :) Of course the McDonalds breakfast was popular as well.
We had quite a nice prize pool this LAN for which we'd like to thank Thermaltake, South West TAFE & Gigasoft IT Solutions.

We made it into the paper again!!! The Standard has published a follow up article

Photos from the event can be found in our Photo Gallery

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