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LAN Of The Damned XX - Sponsorship

Added 05 March 2009, 9:46 AM
Some of you guys may remember me mentioning Jack's Games and their Gold Membership last event. Well for LANOTD XX not only are they giving us a $50 voucher, but every entrant to the LAN will receive a voucher for 10% off any Gold Membership.

To refresh your memories, Gold Members can borrow a game or DVD, and them keep it for as long as they like. Once you get sick of it simply go back and exchange it (for a small fee) which can also be kept indefinately, and so on. You not longer have to worry about returning games after only a week or paying late fines. If it takes you 6 months to finish your fave new game, that's no problem. I personally think it's a cool idea.

Prices for Gold Membership are listed below:
P3, XBox 360, Wii - $100 joining fee, $10 exchange
XBox, P2, PSP, PC - $50 joining fee, $5 exchange
DVDs - $30 joining fee, $5 exchange

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