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LAN Of The Damned XV - The Aftermath

Added 18 June 2007, 9:15 PM
Well that's the LAN over with, turnout for the event wasn't as good as last time but still not bad, we even had a representative of MonsterLAN present. Good to see you here again Cisco Queen. Once more we gave out a pile of voucher packs as random prizes thanks to Henna Street Video, Mini Golf By The Sea and Pins & Play, but this time we also had some funky Batman CD-Rs to go with them thanks to Dark Trunks and Gigasoft. Congratulations to Iceman for his win in the CoD2 comp and receipt of the shiny trophy and $50 Super Billing voucher. The Warcraft 3 comp eventual winner was General Grosnich. Enjoy the voucher dude and add the trophy to your growing collection.

The discounted meals provided by Pizza Haven and McDonald's were popular once more.
Photos from the event can now be found in our photos galleries
Stats from the Call Of Duty 2 competition can also be found on the site on our competitions page

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Edited 23 October 2018
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