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Where Four Tides Meet v1.00 - Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Map

"An unexplored region of the world has opened up, and though few have ventured into this new domain, already tales of strange and terrifying creatures have emerged. Be wary as you enter this land, who knows what beasts await."

This is my first attempt at creating a map for Warcraft 3, but I'm happy with the results and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. There's certainly no shortage of lumber or gold to be found, but you never know what you'll find lurking about on the map. Aside from the fact there's enough creeps to keep even the most bloodthirsty player busy, I've created my own creep type just to make things more interesting ;) Of course more creeps mean more item drops, so clean out your pockets and go treasure hunting….but you never know what may be hunting you.


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