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Hero Keeper 1.1 - Dungeon Keeper Mod

As i'm sure we all know, Dungeon Keeper is the greatest game in the history of the whole world. As I played through it for perhaps the 40th time I started to wonder what it would be like to play the campaign from a hero perspective. And so my Hero Keeper mod was born, allowing you to play the entire 20 level campaign, as well as the multiplayer and skirmish levels with heros instead of the usual evil minions, just to see what it's like of course, because as we all know……it's good to be bad!!!



Is this for DK1 or 2?

The mod is for the original Dungeon Keeper, for some reason I find it more fun to play than the sequel.


A VERY interesting mod for a game that's most deserving of attention that it never seemed to get from the public at large(oh sure it got rave reviews and such, but most gamers seem to kinda scratch their heads when i talk about it).

I'm glad you like it. DK truely is a great game, I try to point that out to people as often as possible <img class="blend" border="0" style="vertical-align: middle" alt="Emoticon" src="" />


Just down loading this now and gonna reinstal DK1. When this game came out in 1996 i spend the rest of that year playing and re-playing this game! It is, undoubtably one of the best games i've ever played! Hope this re-ignite some of my passion!


This is fantastic. Got to play the whole game again from a different angle. Can you recommend any other mods for DK1? <img class="blend" border="0" style="vertical-align: middle" alt="Emoticon" src="" />

It's good to hear you enjoy my mod so much dude. Unfortunately I'm unaware of any other mods for the game, though I did stumble across a custom campaign once….


I just got to say thank you! Ever since i was a child i have been wondering how it would feel like to control the "good side". Good work man! You have made me want to play all the way through this great classic all over again ^-^

It's always good to get positive feedback, enjoy the mod <img class="blend" border="0" style="vertical-align: middle" alt="Emoticon" src="" />


For a very long time i have been looking for someone to make a mod or two for the original DK. I could not ask for a better one!!  <img class="blend inline_image" alt=":twisted:" src="" /> I cant wait to play now.

Thanks mate, hope you enjoy it as much as I did <img class="blend inline_image" alt=":)" src="" />

problem with 18th level

i cannot pass it, there seems to be a problem coz my dungeon heart is not were it suppose to be and the blue rival keeper isn't there, there are alot of white players all over the realm, i defeated them all but cannot go to the next stage

I don't think it's a problem with the mod, I've played through the entire game using it. Sorry I can't be more helpful.